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Ling Sun

Name: Ling Sun

Tutor qualification:  Associate Professor

Telephone number: -

E - mail:sunling090909@163.com
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University

Education Ph.D. 2014, Molecular Biology and Biological Chemistry, Fudan Univ., China
   M.S. 2009, Genetic breeding, Nanjing Agri. Univ., China
     B.S. 2006, Agronomy, Shandong Agri. Univ., China
Professional Experience Sept. 2014 – Present, The teacher of School of Food & Biological Eng., Jiangsu Univ., China.
Scientific Research Field 1.Biological mechanism of the metabolic product synthesis in industrial microorganism;
 2.Influence mechanism of physical methods on the metabolic product in industrial microorganism;
   3.Microorganism fermentation engineering.
Teaching courses Food biotechnology; Cell engineering; Botany
Published papers 1.Ling Sun, Xinyi Li, Haile Ma, Ronghai He, Prince Ofori Donkor. Global   gene expression changes reflecting pleiotropic effects of Irpex lacteus induced by low-¬intensity electromagnetic field. Bioelectromagnetics, 2019, 40(2):104-117.(SCI IF:2.0)
 2.Yao-Yao Wang, Wen-Yi Qiu, Ling Sun, Zhi-Chao Ding, Jingkun Yan.  Preparation, characterization, and antioxidant capacities of selenium nanoparticles stabilized by polysaccharide-protein complexes from Corbicula fluminea. Food bioscience. 2018,26:177-184  (SCI IF:2.4)
 3.Jia-Jia Han, Ze-Ting Song, Jing-Liang Sun, Zheng-Ting Yang, Meng-Jun Xian, Shuo Wang, Ling Sun and Jian-Xiang Liu. Chromatin remodeling factor CHR18 interacts with replication protein RPA1A to regulate the DNA replication stress response in Arabidopsis. New Phytologist, 2018, 220:476-487  (SCI IF: 7.4)
 4.Huang G, Tang Y, Sun L, Xing H, Ma H, He R*. Ultrasonic irradiation of low intensity with a mode of sweeping frequency enhances the membrane permeability and cell growth rate of Candida tropicalis. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 16 February 2017. http://dx.doi.org/ 10.1016/ j.ultsonch. 2017.02.010 (SCI, IF=4.231)
 5.Guoping Huang; Suwan Chen; Chunhua Dai; Ling Sun;Wenli Sun; Yingxiu Tang; Feng Xiong; Ronghai He*; Haile Ma. Effects of ultrasound on microbial growth and enzyme activity [J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2017:191–197. (SCI, IF=4.231)
 6.Yong Wang, Xia-fang tao, Zhi-Xi su, a-Ke liu, tian-lei liu, Ling Sun, Qin yao, Ke-Ping chen and Xun Gu; current Bacterial Gene Encoding capsule Biosynthesis Protein capi contains nucleotides Derived from Exonization. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 303–312. (SCI, IF=1.500)
 7.Sun L, Yang ZT, Song ZT, Wang MJ, Sun L, Lu SJ, Liu JX. The plant-specific transcription factor NAC103 is induced by bZIP60 through a new cis-regulatory element to modulate the unfolded protein response in Arabidopsis. Plant J  2013.Oct;76(2):274-86 (SCI, IF=5.468)
 8.Gao J*, Sun L*, Yang X, Liu JX. Transcriptomic Analysis of Cadmium Stress Response in the Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii Hance.PLoS One. 2013 Jun 3;8(6):e64643. (*contribute equally)(SCI, IF=3.057)
 9.Zhuang LF*, Sun L*, Li AX, Chen TT, Qi ZJ. Identification and development of diagnostic markers for a powdery mildew resistance gene on chromosome 2R of Chinese rye cultivar Jingzhouheimai, Molecular Breeding, 2011, 27:455–465(* contribute equally)(SCI, IF=2.212)
 10.Sun L, Lu SJ, Zhang SS, Zhou SF, Sun L, Liu JX. The Lumen-facing Domain Is Important for the Biological Function and Organelle-to-organelle Movement of bZIP28 during ER Stress in Arabidopsis. Mol Plant. 2013 Apr 4. (SCI, IF=6.695,)
 11.Lu SJ, Yang ZT, Sun L, Sun L, Song ZT, Liu JX. Conservation of IRE1-regulated bZIP74 mRNA unconventional splicing in rice (Oryza sativa L.) involved in ER stress responses. Mol Plant. 2012 Mar;5(2):504-14. (SCI, IF=6.695)
   12.Wang D, Zhuang LF, Sun L, Feng YG, Pei ZY, Qi ZJ. Allocation of a powdery mildew resistance locus to the chromosome arm 6RL of Secale cereale L. cv. ‘Jingzhouheimai’, Euphytica, 2010, 176:157-166  (SCI, IF=1.565)
Main scientific research projects 1.TheNationalNaturalScienceFoundationofChina(31600197),2017-2019,thedirector.
Number of students 1. Number of postgraduates under supervision
- 2
2. Number of supervised undergraduates
- 34
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