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He yuanqing

Name: He yuanqing
Title:  Associate Prof.
Tutor qualification: Master supervisor
Telephone number: +86-511-88780715-602
E - mail: yqhe@ujs.edu.cn
Address: No. 301, Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang 212013, China


Education Ph.D. 2006, Animal genetics breeding and reproduction, Yangzhou Univ.,
     B.S. 2001, Animal Husbandry, Yangzhou Univ., China
Professional Experience 2006.7-present, Engaged in teaching and research work, School of Food & Biological Engineering, Jiangsu Univ., China
   2011.12-2014.06, Postdoctoral research, Postdoctoral Research Station of Food Science and Engineering, Jiangsu Univ., China
Scientific Research Field Food nutrition and functional development
Teaching courses Livestock Production Processing Technology
Scientific research projects   Running projects:
 (1) The safety evaluation of bioactive peptides by inner system; supported by key project of Zhenjiang city; the project director
 (2) The development and application of CRP-3type cell; supported by enterprise; the project director
 (3) Hybridoma cell line cultivation and ascitic fluid preparation; supported by enterprise; the project director
 (4) Functional development and evaluation of intraoperative hemostatic materials; supported by enterprise; the project director
   (5) Effect of rapeseed peptide on prevention and treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia in rats; supported by enterprise; the project director
Published papers 1. He, YQ, Min, C, Shen, LL,  Sun, QC, Yang, PY, Rui, G,  Wang, SJ,  Duan, YQ, Zhang, HH,  Haile, M. Ultrasound Pretreatment Increases the Bioavailability of Dietary Proteins by Dissociating Protein Structure and Composition. Food Biophysics, 2020, Online, DOI: 10.1007/s11483-020-09634-y.(SCI)
 2. He Yuanqing, Shen Lingling, Ma Chaoyue, Chen Min, Pan Ye, Yin Lijing, Zhou Jie, Lei Xiaochun, Ren Qian, Duan Yuqing, Zhang Haihui, Ma Haile. Protein Hydrolysates' Absorption Characteristics in the Dynamic Small Intestine In Vivo. Molecules, 2018, 23(7): 1591~1601.( SCI)
 3. He Yuan-Qing, Ma Chao-Yue, Pan Ye, Yin Li-Jing, Zhou Jie, Duan Yuqing, Zhang Haihui, Ma Haile. Bioavailability of corn gluten meal hydrolysates and their effects on the immune system. Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 2018, 36(1): 1~7. (EI)
 4. Yuanqing He, Suhua Wang, Guangwei Xing, Chunlan Ren, Hai Qian,Wenrong Xu, Rongzhu Lu, Aschner Michael, Milatovic Dejan. Acrylonitrile has distinct hormetic effects on acetyl-cholinesterase activity in mouse brain and blood that are modulated by ethanol. Dose-Response, 2013, 11(1): 49~59. (SCI)
 5. Wang Lin, Jiang Yu, Wang Xiaoxiao, Zhou Jing, Cui Haiying, Xu Weidong, He Yuanqing, Ma Haile, Gao Ruichang. Effect of oral administration of collagen hydrolysates from Nile tilapia on the chronologically aged skin. Journal of functional food, 2018, 44: 112~117. (SCI)
 6. Zhang Haihui, Dai Yuanyuan, Cheng Yanxiang, He Yuanqing, Manyakara Zandile, Duan Yuqing, Sun Guibo, Sun Xiaobo. Influence of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields on Ca2+ Signaling and Double Messenger System in Mice Hippocampus and Reversal Function of Procyanidins Extracted From Lotus Seedpod. Bioelectromagnetics, 2017, 38(6): 436~446. (SCI)
 7. Luo Xiaoping, Chen Meng, Duan Yuqing, Duan Wenyi, Zhang Haihui, He Yuanqing, Yin Chunchun, Sun Guibo, Sun Xiaobo. Chemoprotective action of lotus seedpod procyanidins on oxidative stress in mice induced by extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field exposure. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.2016, 82: 640~648. (SCI)
 8. Wang Lin, Wang Qing, Liang Qiufang, He Yuanqing, Wang Zhenbin, He Song, XuJunmin, Ma Haile. Determination of bioavailability and identification of collagen peptide in blood after oral ingestion of gelatin. Journal of the science of food and agriculture.2015, 95(13)2712~2717. (SCI)
 9. Zhang Haihui, Luo Xiaoping, Ke Jiajia, Duan Yuqing, He Yuanqing, Zhang Di, Cai Meihong, Sun, Guibo, Sun Xiaobo. Procyanidins, from Castanea mollissima Bl. shell, induces autophagy following apoptosis associated with PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibition in HepG2 cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.2016, 81:15~24. (SCI)
 10. Duan Yuqing, Ke Jiajia, Zhang Haihui, He Yuanqing, Sun Guibo, Sun Xiaobo. Autophagic cell death of human hepatoma G2 cells mediated by procyanidins from Castanea mollissima Bl. Shell-induced reactive oxygen species generation. Chemico-biological interactions, 2014, 224:13~23. (SCI)
 11. Zhou Xing Hua, Dong Ying, Zhao Yan Sheng, Xiao Xiang, Wang Yun, He Yuan Qing, Liu, Qiao Quan. A three generation reproduction study with Sprague-Dawley rats consuming high-amylose transgenic rice. Food and chemical toxicology, 2014, 74:20~27. (SCI)
   12. Liang Qiufang, WangLin, He Yuanqing, Wang Zhenbin, Xu Junmin, Ma Haile. Hydrolysis kinetics and antioxidant activity of collagen under simulated gastrointestinal digestion. Journal of functional food, 2014, 11: 493~499. (SCI)
Number of students 1. Number of postgraduates under supervision
- 2
2. Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.
- 3
Update date August 1,2020
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