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Liu Wei-min

Name: Liu Wei-min
Title:  Professor
Tutor qualification:  Master supervisor
Telephone number: 138****6712, 0086-511—88780201
E - mail: liuwmwu@ujs.edu.cn


Education Ph.D. 2015, Agri-Products Processing &Storage Eng., Jiangsu Univ., China
 M.S. 2001, Agri-Products Processing &Storage Eng., Jiangsu Univ., China
 B.S. 1986, Chemical Engineering, Nanjing university of technology, China
Professional Experience 1986.9-1993.7, assistant, Yangzhou Univ., China
 1993.5-1995.12, lecturer, Yangzhou Univ., China
 1996-2000.5, lecturer, Jiangsu Univ., China
 2000.5-2007.7, associate professor, Jiangsu Univ., China
   2007.7- Present, professor, Jiangsu Univ., China
Scientific Research Field 1.Developing for health-food
 2.New technology for food engineering
   3.Processing and storage of agricultural products
Social academic post & honor 1.The editor in chief of national level teaching book of”Principles of food engineering”
 2.An expert of SFDA(China FDA)
 3.A member of Jiangsu society of food science and technology
 4.A member of Jiangsu society of agricultural engineering
   5.An  excellent teacher of  “qing-lan engineering of Jiangsu province”
Teaching courses 1.For students for doctor’s dissertation:
 Advanced unit operations of food engineering(1998-2002)
 2.For graduate students :
 A basis for storage and preservation of agricultural products
 A basis for transport of chemical engineering
 3.For undergraduate students:
 Unit operations of food engineering
 Unit operations of chemical engineering
 A basis for creativity
 Automation and instruments of chemical engineering
 Technology of fermentation
   Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Online Course Construction Project-Food Engineering Principles, 2018-2020, Host(China University Online Course Platform)
Papers& books Published 70 papers (12 EI,7SCI) ,and edited 5  specialty books and 3 teaching books(a national level book included )
 Main Papers:
 1.Liu Weimin, Xie Xiaoli, Liu Jun, et al. Co-spouting capabilities of mixture of coal with straw in rotating draft tube spouted bed [J]. Transactions of the CSAE, 2010, 26(7): 134-139.(EI)
 2.Liu Weimin,Zhang Jian,Liu Jun, et al. Characteristics of flow of straw with coal in draft tube spouted bed[J]. Transactions of the CSAM 2010, 41(10): 107-111.( EI)
 3. Liu Weimin, Liu Jun, Zhang Pengcheng ,et al. Experiment of drying rapeseed by spouted bed with a porous branch rotating draft tube[J] .Transactions of the CSAE, 2009, 25(5): 228-233.( EI)
 4.Liu Weimin, Zhang Pengcheng, Xu Shengyan.  Experimental study on drying of rapeseed in a spouted bed with rotating draft tube[J] .Transactions of the CSAM 2008, 39(1): 56-59.( EI)
 5.Liu Weimin ,Mi Maojun ,Li Xiaoguo ,et al. Study on aerodynamics of a novel spouted bed with rotating draft Tube[J]. Transactions of the CSAM 2005, 36(10): 73-76.( EI)
 6.Liu Weimin,Li Xiaoguo, Chen Jian. Technology for spouted bed drying of green malt[J]. Transactions of the CSAE, 2005, 21(6): 148-151(EI)
 7.Liu Weimin, Ma Haile, Li Guowen. Continuous concentration of EPA and DHA from fish oil by supercritical CO 2[J]. Transactions of the CSAE, 2003, 19(2): 167-170
 8.Liu Weimin, Xu Li-ping, Guo Chun-mei, et al. Study on solid fermentation with Grifola frondosa in the rice bran medium for grifolan[J].Food science(of china), 2010.23
 9.Liu Weimin,Sun Lin-jie,Liu Jiang et al. Study on zinc accumulation of Grifola frondosa cultured in liquid with lanthanide and zinc[J]. Food science(of china), 2006.12.
 10.Xiao-ming Yang, Wei Yu, Zhong-ping Ou, Hai-le Ma, Liu Weimin, Xue-lin Ji. Antioxidant and immunity activity of water extract and crude polysaccharide from Ficus carica L. fruit[J]. Plant foods for human nutrition,2009.6, 167-173.(SCI)
 11.Hongyin Zhang *, Renping Li and Weimin Liu,Effects of chitin and its derivative chitosan on
 postharvest decay of fruits: A Review, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2011, 12(2), 917-934; (SCI)
 12.Renping Li, Hongyin Zhang, Weimin Liu, Xiaodong Zheng,Biocontrol of postharvest gray and blue mold decay of apples with Rhodotorula mucilaginosa and possible mechanisms of action,International Journal of Food Microbiology,2011,146(2),151-156(SCI)
 13.Yan Ding,  Xiaoming Yang *, Guobo Pan, Haile Ma, Weimin Liu, Adsorption and Enrichment of Alkalids from Areca Nut by Means of Macroporous Resins[J] , Adsorption Science and Technology, 2012, 30(3),193-203.(SCI)
 14.Gao Ruichang, Yu Maoshuai, Liu Weimin(corresponding author)*, Yuan Li,  Zhou Cunshan, Ma Haile,Modeling of TVB-N and TBA quality of silver carp dried in a cold-air dryer with heat pump[J]. Transactions of the CSAE, 2013, 29(23): 227-232.(EI)
 15.Ruichang Gao, Li Yuan, Maoshuai Yu, Weimin Liu, Effects of heat pump drying parameters onvolatile flavor compounds of silver carp. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology. 2016, 25(5):735-744.
 16.Fengjie Cui, Xiaoxiao Chen, Weimin Liu, Wenjing Sun, Shuhao Huo, Yan Yang. Control of Grifola frondosa Morphology by Agitation and Aeration for Improving Mycelia and Exo-Polymer Production. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2016, 179(3), 459-473.
 Main Books :
 1.Principles of food engineering, editor in chief, Press of light industry  of China, 2011,a national level teaching book;
 2.Unit operations of food engineering, associate editor in chief, Press of chemical industry of China, 2010;
 3.Modern drying technology(2nd edited, edited chapter 12), Press of chemical industry of China, 2007;
   4.Joint-edited four specialty books about one-chip computer (1990-1994), Press of Beijing university of aviation and space navigation.
Main Scientific Research Projects Took charge five projects of scientific research, and participated in 14 other projects of scientific research
 1.One of the tasks of the project Research and Development and Demonstration of Key Technologies and Equipment for Moderate Processing of Bulk Rice Products in the project Modern Food Processing and Grain Purchase, Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment of the 13th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Plan, presided over a task, 2017.7 ~ 2020.12;
 2.National 13th Five-Year key R & D plan-intergovernmental international science and technology innovation cooperation key project catalytic infrared emitter creation and agricultural products infrared processing technology cooperation research (2017YFE0105300, ranked second, total 27 people, total funds 3.35 million);
 3.Synthesis and molecular regulation mechanism of Grifola frondosa fermentation mycelium polysaccharide, general project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31771961), 2018 ~ 2021, ranked no.2;
 4.Jiangsu Modern Agriculture (Wheat) Industrial Technology System Storage and Processing Innovation Team, ranked 2nd, 2017-2019;
 5.One joint-applications for national level scientific research project( about drying)(2010);
 6.Developing of health-food using agricultural products and by-products with bio-transition, from agricultural project of Zhenjiang city,2008-2010,researcher in chief;
 7.Developing and applying of country fuel gas from biomass’s pyrolyzing with catalysis in spouted bed, from Jiangsu department of science and technology.2006-2009,researcher in chief;
 8.Developing and applying of reproducible use for waster rubber with pyrolyzing or catalyzing, from Jiangsu department of science and technology. 2002-2004, researcher in chief;
 9.Developing of extracting and applying of effective ingredients in Ficus carica L. fruit ,from Jiangsu department of science and technology, 2002-2004, main researcher;
 10.Study on production technology for mini-capsule of component from garlic and freeze- dry powder of garlic, from Jiangsu department of science and technology, 2001-2004, main researcher;
 11.Study on production technology for active components of fish oil with SCCO2 , from Jiangsu department of science and technology, 1998-2000, main researcher;
 12.Study on the technology and equipments for preserving of kelp, from Jiangsu department of science and technology, 1996-1998, main researcher;
 13.Study on the new technology of malting of barley of China, from Jiangsu department of science and technology,1993-1995, main researcher;
 14.Researching and manufacturing of the instrument of multi-functional and auto-malting ,from Yangzhou city,1988-1990, main researcher;
 15.Developing of health-food with Grifola frondosa’s polysaccharide or/and Se produced by fermentation ,from corporation, 2011-2012, researcher in chief;
 16.Grifola frondosa’s components for anti-tumor ,from NSFC(National natural science foundation of China), 2011-2014, main researcher;
 17.National Natural Science Foundation of China (31771961), 2018.01-2021.12,main researcher;
   18.National R&D Plan,2017-2020, researcher.
Achievement award 1.Study on the new technology of malting of barley of China, the third-class award of progressing for science and technology in Jiangsu province in 1996, the 8th name order.
 2.Study on teaching and educating of creativity, the second-class award of achievements for education and teaching in Jiangsu province in 2001, the 3rd name order.
   3.The principles of food engineering, the first-class award of teaching books of association s0ciety of light industry,China, the first name order.
Patents 30 China invention patents granted, 5 China utility model patents granted, 6 China invention patents applied.
 The method and sets for pyrolyzing waster rubber at low temperature in a spouted bed, China invention patent,Nov.23,2005,the second order designer;
 12 China invention patents granted, the first order designer
 1.A set of drying grain with rotating draft-tube spouted bed(200910264044.4)
 2.A method and  set of producing fuel gas by co-gasification coal and biomass straw  with spouted bed(200910264047.8)
 3.A strain of Grifola frondosa (CGMCC4179)for liquid fermentation in rice and wheat bran to produce polysaccharide(201010579078.5)
 4.A strain of Grifola frondosa (CCTCC M2011113)for liquid fermentation in extract of rice and wheat bran to produce polysaccharide(201110150888.3)
 5.A method of Grifola frondosa’s polysaccharide produced with the strain of Grifola frondosa (CGMCC4179)and rice and wheat bran(201010579048.4)
 6.A method of health food of Grifola frondosa’s polysaccharide with Se produced by fermentation using the strain of Grifola frondosa (CCTCC M2011113)and rice and wheat bran(201110150889.8)
 7.A method of health food of Grifola frondosa’s polysaccharide with Mn produced by fermentation using the strain of Grifola frondosa (CCTCC M2011113)and rice and wheat bran(201110150890.0)
 8.4 new China invention patents applied in June, 2013 have been granted. The application number is 201310274913.8,201310274911.9,201310274915.7,201310213047.1,   respectively, and Liu Weimin is the first order designer or corresponding designer)
   6 new China invention patents were applied.
Number of students 1. Number of supervised masters and Ph.D
- 36 masters
2. Number of supervised undergraduates
- 2-3 undergraduate students per year
Update date August 8,2020
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