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Ronghai He

Name:Ronghai He
Title:Prof., PhD Supervisor
E  -  mail:heronghai@163.com


EducationPh.D. 2003-2006, Agricultural products processing and storage engineering., Jiangsu Univ
M.S. 2001-2004, Agricultural products processing and storage engineering., Jiangsu Univ
B.S. 1989-1993, Food engineering, Jiangsu Agricultural Univ.
Professional Experience1993-2001, Engineer and director, Nanjing Tianhuan Food Group
 2006-2007.2, Professor and executive vice president of Institute of Food Physical Processing, Jiangsu Univ
 2007.2-2008.5, Postdoctoral cooperative research, Tennessee, Knoxville, Univ
 2011.9, University of California, Berkeley.
 2012.3-2013.2, Agricultural high technology department of China Rural Technology Development Center of the Ministry of science and technology
 2016, Candidate of young and middle-aged academic leaders of "Qinglan project", Jiangsu Province
Academic and social positions:1.Member, Agricultural Products Storage and Processing branch of Chinese Agricultural Association
 2.Member, Insect industrialization Committee of China Insect Society
 3.Member, Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Machinery branch of China Agricultural Machinery Society
 4.Member, Jiangsu food science and Technology Association
 5.Chief expert, Zhenjiang new agricultural technology extension project
 6.Project evaluation expert, Ministry of science and technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China
 7.Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province and other departments
 8.Paper review experts, famous academic journals at home and abroad
Lecture courses1.Doctoral candidate: Food Science and technology, Instrumental Analysis (International Student)
 2.Postgraduates: Food physical processing, Instrumental analysis (international students)
 3.Undergraduate: Introduction to food technology
Research direction of postgraduates and doctoral students1.Ultrasound enhanced food fermentation
 2.Enzymatic hydrolysis and other biochemical processes and mechanisms
 3.New solid-state fermentation technology and equipment for food
 4.Safety and modification technology of edible protein;
 5.Preparation of bioactive substances and their digestion and absorption characteristics.
Research field1.Food physical processing technology and intelligent equipment
 2.New technologies for the development of protein and peptide resources
 3.Development of active ingredients of natural products
Research Interests1.Food physical processing technology and equipment
 Ultrasonic, pulsed magnetic field, pulsed intense light, atmospheric and room temperature plasma are applied to food fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis, extraction and sterilization, especially focusing on the technology, mechanism and equipment development of ultrasound and magnetic field enhanced microbial fermentation.
 2.New technology for exploitation of protein and polypeptide resources
 Development of new technology of protein modification, new technology and equipment for preparation of active polypeptide by solid/liquid fermentation with oil cakes, and formation and control of harmful substances such as lysine in protein extraction process.
 3.Development of active ingredients of natural products
   Extraction, stabilization technology, digestion and absorption and efficacy evaluation of bioactive components from garlic, meal, edible insects and other resources.
Scientific research projectsAs the host or main participant, he has undertaken more than 40 government funded research projects. In recent years, the main tasks are as follows:
 He is in charge of the main research projects:
 [1] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on metabolic response mechanism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under ultrasonic effect based on regulation of glycolysis efficiency (31972208);
 [2] National key research and development program project "research and development and demonstration of appropriate processing and comprehensive utilization technology and intelligent equipment of bulk oil": Research on preparation technology and equipment of rapeseed meal peptide feed (2016YFD440140101), presided over the research;
 [3] Jiangsu Province Agricultural Science and technology independent innovation fund project "research and development of key technologies and equipment for high efficiency and low loss ultrasonic cleaning of leafy vegetables" (CX (18) 3038);
 [4] Key research and development project in Jiangsu Province,"Key technology integration innovation and demonstration of high quality export garlic industry" (BE2018311);
 [5] Key research and development project in Jiangsu Province,"Pizhou white garlic allicin and polyphenol joint preparation technology integrated innovation and product development" (BE2017308), a presided over the research;
 [6] Zhenjiang 1+1+N new agricultural technology extension project, “Demonstration and promotion of pig breeding with meal polypeptide feed (ZNNJ [2019] 04), chief expert.
 Major scientific research projects completed:
 [1] National 863 Program sub project: research and development of key technologies for preparation of high bioavailability protein (2013aa1000203) - Research on protein bioavailability evaluation;
 [2] National public welfare industry (Agriculture) science and technology special project: "research and demonstration of comprehensive utilization technology of bulk grain processing by-products", project 3: research and demonstration of comprehensive utilization technology of wheat germ (201303071);
 [3] General guidance project of national Spark Program: key technology integration and demonstration of ultrasonic assisted fermentation of rapeseed meal to prepare active peptide feed (2014GA690262);
 [4] The sub project of "creation and application of functional peptide products" of national science and technology support program: efficient creation and application of functional peptide products from oil cake (2013BAD10B03);
 [5] Jiangsu Science and technology support program: "key technology research and equipment development for preparation of active peptides from soybean meal by ultrasonic synergistic fermentation" (BE2016352);
 [6] Jiangsu Science and technology support program: key technology research and production of polypeptide feed by solid-state fermentation of mixed bacteria (be2011401);
 [7] Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation: Study on the mechanism of multi frequency composite ultrasound promoting protein dissolution of high temperature denatured rapeseed (BK2012708);
 [8] Special research fund for doctoral program of Universities: Research on Mechanism of bio oil modification based on ultra-high pressure homogenization (20093227120012);
 [9] China Postdoctoral Foundation: Study on the dynamic mechanism of protein conformation change and enzymatic hydrolysis promotion under ultrasonic field (20100471386);
 [10] "Dinglan project" of Jiangsu University: the proliferation effect and mechanism of low intensity ultrasound on typical yeast of food brewing;
 [11] North Jiangsu Science and technology development plan - Science and technology enriching people and strengthening county project: garlic mixed bacteria solid state fermentation technology research and product development (BN2012042);
 [12] Special fund for science and technology development of Northern Jiangsu Province: Research on the extraction and ultrafiltration of alliin and alliinase by dual frequency ultrasound (BC2010418);
 [13] Xinjiang science and technology support project: efficient preparation technology and product development of sunflower seed meal functional peptide (2013911070);
 [14] Jiangsu International Science and technology cooperation program: Research on the preparation of environmental friendly natural adhesive from rice bran (BZ2009065);
 [15] Jiangsu postdoctoral Foundation: molecular mechanism and reaction kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis of sunflower seed meal affected by ultrasonic field (0902029c);
 [16] Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of food physical processing open fund: effect of uniform ultrasonic field on the preparation of ACEI inhibitory peptides from rapeseed (japp2010-9);
   [17] Zhenjiang agricultural science and technology support program: key technology research and product development of instant Pueraria lobata powder prepared by frequency sweep ultrasound combined with enzymatic hydrolysis (NY2014009).
Achievement award1.In recent years, four first-class awards, four second-class awards and one outstanding award of China Patent Award by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Province government, China Federation of Machinery Industry, and China Food Science and Technology Association.
   2.The 11 research achievements have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements presided over by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Ministry of education, Ministry of agriculture, China Light Industry Federation and China Energy Society, and most of them have reached the international leading or advanced level.
PatentMore than 40 national invention patents have been declared, of which more than 20 have been authorized, and many invention patents have been industrialized.
Papers and booksProf. He has published more than 150 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, more than 60 papers have been included by SCI (including more than 30 papers in JCR zone 1 and 8 papers in zone 2) and 42 papers in EI. The main representative works and papers are as follows:
 1.Food Color Chemistry, China Light Industry Press, 2019, editor in chief of color protection and formation in food processing chapter.
 2.Advanced in food processing technology, Springe Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, Zhejiang University Press, 2019, Ultrasonic-Assisted Fermentation part.
 3.Science and technology innovation and development strategy of food industry. Chemical Industry Press, March 2013, book No.: 978-7-122-16019-5. (Executive Editor in chief)
 4.Jiahui Xiang, YaoYang, Mokhtar Dabbour, Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Zhaoli Zhang, Chunhua Dai, Ronghai He*, Guoping Huang, Haile Ma.Metabolomic and genomic profiles of Streptomyces albulus with a higher ε-polylysine production through ARTP mutagenesis[J]. Biochemical Engineering Journal,Available online 16 July 2020, 107720
 5.Yang Wang#,  Zhaoli Zhang#, Yihe Li, Hui Jiang, Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Mokhtar Dabbour, Ronghai He*, Haile Ma. Lysinoalanine formation and conformational characteristics of rice dreg protein isolates by Multi-frequency countercurrent S-type sonochemical action[J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,Available online 13 July 2020, 105257
 6.Yihe Li, Yu Cheng, Zhaoli Zhang, Yang Wang, Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Mokhtar Dabbour, Hui Jiang, Ronghai He, Haile Ma.Modification of rapeseed protein by ultrasound-assisted pH shift treatment: Ultrasonic mode and frequency screening, changes in protein solubility and structural characteristics[J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,Volume 69, December 2020, 105240
 7.Wu R A , Ding Q , Yin L , Chi X, Sun N, He R*, Luo L, Ma H, Li Z. Comparison of the nutritional value of mysore thorn borer (Anoplophora chinensis) and mealworm larva (Tenebrio molitor): Amino acid, fatty acid, and element profiles[J]. Food Chemistry, 2020, 323:126818.
 8.Zhang Z ,  Wang Y ,  Jiang H ,  Dai C, Dabbour M I ,  Mintah B, He R*, Ma H. Effect of dual-frequency ultrasound on the formation of lysinoalanine and structural characterization of rice dreg protein isolates[J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2020, 67:105124.
 9.Dabbour M I ,  Alenyorege E A ,  Mintah B , He R*, Jiang H, Ma H. Proteolysis kinetics and structural characterization of ultrasonic pretreated sunflower protein[J]. PROCESS BIOCHEMISTRY, 2020, 94:11998.
 10.Dabbour M I ,  Xiang J ,  Mintah B , He R, Jiang H, Ma H. Localized enzymolysis and sonochemically modified sunflower protein: Physical, functional and structure attributes[J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2020, 63:104957.
 11.Jiang H ,  Xing Z ,  Wang Y , Zhang Z, Mintah B K, Dabbour M, Li Y,  He R*, Ma H. Preparation of Allicin-Whey Protein Isolate Conjugates: Allicin Extraction by Water, Conjugates' Ultrasound-assisted Binding and its Stability, Solubility and Emulsibility Analysis[J]. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2020:104981.
 12.Dabbour M ,  He R* ,  Mintah B , Golly M, Ma H. Ultrasound pretreatment of sunflower protein: Impact on enzymolysis, ACE‐inhibition activity, and structure characterization[J]. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2020, 44(4).
 13.Mintah B K ,  He R* ,  Agyekum A A , Dabbour M ,Golly M, Ma H. Edible insect protein for food applications: Extraction, composition, and functional properties[J]. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2020(3).
 14.Xing Z ,  Jiang H ,  He R* , Mintah B K ,  He R ,  Agyekum A A , Dabbour M , Dai C, Sun L, Ma H. Rapid detection model of Bacillus subtilis in solid‐state fermentation of rapeseed meal[J]. Journal of Food Safety, 2019(6).
 15.Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Ronghai He*, Mokhtar Dabbou,r Akwasi Akomeah Agyekum, Zheng Xin,g Moses Kwaku Golly, Haile Ma. Sonochemical action and reaction of edible insect protein: Influence on enzymolysis reaction‐kinetics, free‐Gibbs, structure, and antioxidant capacity[J]. Journal of Food Biochemistry, Volume 43, Issue 9
 16.Ricardo A. Wu, Qingzhi Ding, Huijia Lu, Haochen Tan, Nianzhen Sun, Kai Wang, Ronghai He*, Lin Luo, Haile Ma*, Zhikun Li. Caspase 3-mediated cytotoxicity of mealworm larvae (Tenebrio molitor) oil extract against human hepatocellular carcinoma and colorectal adenocarcinoma,Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 250, 25 March 2020, Article 112438
 17.Guoping Huang, Wenli Sun, Chunhua Dai, Ling Sun, Yingxiu Tang, Ronghai He*, Haile Ma. Sterilization of Bacillus tequilensis isolated from aerogenic vinegar by intense pulsed light. LWT -FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY , Volume 118, January 2020, Article 108811
 18.Xiaoshan Hou, Chunhua Dai, Yingxiu Tang, Zheng Xing, Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Mokhtar Dabbour, Qingzhi Ding , Ronghai He∗, Haile Ma. Thermophilic solid-state fermentation of rapeseed meal and analysis of microbial community diversity.  LWT -FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY , Volume 116, December 2019, Article 108520
 19.Benjamin Kumah Mintah, Ronghai He*, Mokhtar Dabbour, Jiahui Xiang, AkomeahAgyekum, Haile Ma. Techno-functional attribute and antioxidative capacity of edible insect protein preparations and hydrolysates thereof: Effect of multiple mode sonochemical action. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, Volume 58, November 2019, Article 104676
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 22.Mintah, Benjamin Kumah; He, Ronghai*; Dabbour, Mokhtar; Golly, Moses Kwaku; Agyekum, Akwasi Akomeah; Ma, Haile. Effect of sonication pretreatment parameters and their optimization on the antioxidant activity of Hermitia illucens larvae meal protein hydrolysates. JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESSING AND PRESERVATION,  Volume: 43   Issue: 9     Article Number: e14093   Published: SEP 2019.
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Number of students1. Number of students with master's degree and doctor's degree 9 Master's students
-10(including 3 international doctoral students)
2. Number of graduates with master's degree and doctor's degree 16 Master's students
- 15
3.Number of supervised undergraduate students
- 20
Update date2019-12
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