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Notice of the 8th Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference -Youth Forum (Second Round)

1. Background

    Recently, the application of modern physical technologies such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism, and mechanical force in food processing has gained ever-increasing at home and abroad due to their potent and unique attributes. A new subject, “food physical processing technology,” has sprouted up accordingly. A large amount of research has proved that food physical processing technology displays a comprehensive application perspective, and an increasing number of researchers deemed that this novel technology is a vital source of theory and approaches for the conventional food industry to overcome the technological barriers and obtain subversive achievements.

    To strengthen the academic communication of food physical processing, Jiangsu University has organized and held seven times of Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conferences since 2014 with the strong support of the Rural Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Until now, the conference invited 78 domestic and foreign experts to give keynote reports and has reached a consensus in terms of the innovation, technological breakthrough, and industrial upgrading of food physical processing, which shows a critical impact at home and abroad.

2. Theme of the 8th Jinshan Conference

    The Jinshan Conference is divided into four series, namely, high-end forum, international forum, youth forum, and enterprise forum. In 2021, the 8th Jinshan Annual Conference plans to organize the youth forum with a theme of gathering young talents in food physical processing and exhibiting the cutting-edge technology of the food industry.

3. Youth Forum

    Due to the current situation induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, this Youth Forum will hold online and invite famous domestic and foreign young experts to make reports in accordance with the subjects of ultrasound, ultra-high pressure, cold plasma, magnetic field, electric field, infrared, microwave, radio-frequency, and pulsed light.

(1) Keynotes of the Youth Forum

     Domestic and foreign experts of food physical processing will be invited to make keynote reports on the major scientific issues, which is beneficial for carrying out high-level research and applying for fund projects.

(2) Reports of the Youth Forum

     Young experts at home and abroad of food physical processing who hosts the General projects and Youth projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China will be invited to give academic reports.

4. Organization

    The main organizer: Jiangsu University

    Undertaking organization: Institute of food physical processing of Jiangsu University

    Supported by: Rural Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology

5. When & Where

     Meeting time: 2021.11.22

     Location: Lecture Hall of conference center of Jiangsu University

     Online Conference: Tencent Conference 

6. Contact information

    Contact: Xiaofeng Ren, Haile Ma

    Tel: +86 13775362503, +86 13605285062

    Email: renxiaofeng@ujs.edu.cn

7. Conference agenda

    See the attachment for details.

 The attachment.docx

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