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New work “Bionics of Food Engineering” of Prof. Haile Ma funded by the National Science and Technology Publication Foundation

The review of projects funded by the National Science and Technology Publication Foundation in 2021 has been completed. With the critical evaluation and approval of experts, 199 projects decided by the committee of the National Science and Technology Publication Foundation were supported, and the new work “Bionics of Food Engineering” of Professor Haile Ma of our institute of food physical processing (FPP) was one of the 199 projects.

Bionics of Food Engineering” is the first work to systematically discuss the application of bionics principles in the development and innovation of food science and technology at home and abroad. In 1989, Professor Haile Ma published a paper (On the Microtype of ‘Food Engineering Bionics’) on the International Symposium on Agricultural Engineering (89-ISAE) and firstly proposed the idea of “food engineering bionics”. In the past 30 years, he persistently excavated the profound connotation of applying bionics in food science and technology and made great efforts to apply it in science practice. In this book, Professor Haile Ma analyzed the disciplined basis and the elementary characteristics of bionics, constructed the composition framework and investigation approaches of this discipline, and sorted the primary research contents. “Bionics of Food Engineering” will be published by the end of 2021, and we all believe that this publication will play a vital role in enlightening the creation of the original theories and techniques in food science.

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