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A gas catalytic infrared heating equipment project presided over by our institute passed the technical appraisement

On November 9th, the project of “Innovation and application of gas catalytic infrared heating equipment” jointly completed by Jiangsu University and Zhenjiang Meibo Infrared Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Passed the technical appraisement organized by China National Light Industry Council.

In view of the shortcomings of high energy consumption and low efficiency in thermal processing in the domestic food and light industry, we self-designed a new generation of gas catalytic infrared emitter on the basis of global available infrared technology. The new emitter is superior to the existing advanced products in Europe and America in terms of the surface temperature, heating uniformity, and power density, which has achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1, breaking the import dependence of China from Europe and America. Moreover, a series of catalytic infrared relevant devices have also been designed and produced, such as conveyor belt-type, drum-type, drying chamber-type, and scanning-type, which have been successfully applied to the thermal processes of Argo-products, including drying, sterilization, blanching, deinsectization, and peeling. Meanwhile, this new emitter has been extended to other industrial fields such as coating drying, leather drying, tape core solidification, anti-blocking of natural gas reducing valve, and purification of combustible waste gas. Based on these cases, the first industrial standard of gas catalytic infrared heating equipment in China has been drafted. The achievements have been popularized and applied in more than 20 universities, institutes, and enterprises, resulting in remarkable economic and social benefits.

The appraisal committee headed by Bi Shi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Sichuan University, deemed that the overall of the project reached the advanced international level, especially the self-designed gas catalytic infrared emitter, has achieved the top international level.

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