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Professor Haile Ma was invited to serve as the editorial board member of two internationally renowned academic journals

Recently, Professor Haile Ma of FPP was invited to serve as the editorial board of two JCR journals: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (IF 6.513) and Foods (IF 4.092). Our institute has been focusing on the theoretical and technical research on food physical processing, creatively applying ultrasonic, infrared, magnetic field, pulse light, laser, radio frequency, plasma and other physical technologies to agricultural products processing and food manufacturing. It has been 10 years since Professor Haile Ma published his first paper in Ultrasonics Sonochemistry in 2011. In the past 10 years, 80 papers of our university have been published in this journal, 59 of which were published by Professor Haile Ma 's research group. The amount of papers published by Professor Haile Ma ranks the fourth place among all authors, and ranks the first place among Chinese authors.

In addition, Professor Ma has been employed as the editorial board member of 10 academic journals, including International Journal of Agricultural & Biological Engineering (JCR II), Food Science, Journal of Food Science and Technology, and Food Industry Science and Technology. He is also the chief editor of the column of "China Agricultural Science and Technology Review".

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