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School of Food Science and Xinghua City hold University-City strategic cooperation conference

In order to further deepen the cooperation between the school and its real estate industry, On May 29, 2020, Zhu Hongtao, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Xinghua Municipal Party Committee and director of The Municipal Civil Service Bureau, Chen Hongyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dai Yao Town, Yuan Wenhua, deputy director of the Bureau of Science and Technology, as well as leaders at all levels and relevant enterprises of the town came to our school to hold the school-place strategic cooperation symposium. Ma Zhiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Head of the Organization Department, Zou Xiaobo, dean of The School of Food and Biological Engineering, Zhou Kunshan, Dean of the Department of Food Science and Engineering, and Zhang Rong, deputy head of the Department of Food Science and Engineering attended the meeting, which was presided over by Professor Ma  Haile, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Food and Biological Engineering.

Professor Ma Zhiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and head of the Organization Department of our university, gave a welcome speech, and briefly introduced the basic information of the university, school-enterprise cooperation in the university, and the temporary work of the Mayor's delegation of science and technology, etc., with emphasis on the promotion of the research results and high-level talent reserve of various institutes. Health minister ma mentioned, xinghua food industry area and Jiangsu university disciplines are highly fit, long-term good cooperation with production, xinghua, Jiangsu university will further promote the transformation of school discipline development and scientific research achievements, further enhance the school reputation and influence, required food colleges and scientific research personnel, actively cooperate with xinghua to make the deep cooperation real and strong.

The deputy secretary of the Organization Department of Xinghua Municipal Party Committee Zhu Hongtao gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of Xinghua City, expressing the demand for talents and the desire for scientific and technological innovation in Xinghua City. Zhu pointed out that agriculture, as one of the important industries in Xinghua, must be supported by high-level talents and scientific and technological innovation in order to achieve high-quality development. Jiangsu university is in Jiangsu province people's government and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China co-construction and the features of engineering of the comprehensive research of national key university, scientific research, agricultural mechanical characteristic discipline direction can fully satisfy the xinghua industry demand for talent, science and technology, through the school comprehensive strategic cooperation, will lead xinghua agricultural industry upgrading, xinghua also will become an important base of Jiangsu university of science and technology achievements transformation.

At the meeting, Professor Zou Xiaobo, dean of The School of Food and Bioengineering, briefly introduced the direction and development of the school, with emphasis on the application of NDT technology in the agricultural product processing industry. Ma Haile secretary of the institute of food physical processing are briefly introduced, focusing on sound, light, magnetic and other modern physical technology in food manufacturing and processing of agricultural products, the application of independently created ultrasonic, infrared, magnetic field three series of more than 20 sets of new equipment research and development health more than 30 new products and transformation of achievements in more than 10 enterprises successful application, and produce remarkable economic and social benefits. In view of xinghua rice, which has the national geographic symbol of China, Secretary Ma introduced the processing technology and development trend of international grain from two aspects of storage technology and processing technology.

Afterwards, the two sides visited the vegetable dehydration processing technology integration base of the Ministry of Agriculture and the functional peptide pilot scale production base, and indicated that in the future, they would jointly promote the technical cooperation between Jiangsu University and xinghua agricultural product industry.

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