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The key project of the provincial key research and development plan, "key technology and equipment development of oil cake solid fermentation for polypeptide biological feed", has passed the acceptance

On August 17th, 2020, entrusted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology organized experts to conduct acceptance inspection on Jiangsu Provincial Key Research and Development Plan -- a key project of modern agriculture, "Key Technology and Equipment Development of oil cake solid fermentation for polypeptide biological feed" (No. : BE2016355).

The project was completed by China Grain Storage Zhenjiang Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. in cooperation with our school, and Professor Ma Haile was the technical leader of the project. During the implementation of the project, strains with high polypeptide yield were screened. Soybean meal could be safely fermented at 60°C, and the contents of polypeptides and organic acids were increased by 4.2 times and 8 times, respectively. A set of roller solid fermentation equipment was developed and the dynamic monitoring of polypeptide content during fermentation was realized. A pilot production line with an annual output of 1000 tons of polypeptide feed additives for cake has been built. The project has broken through the technical bottlenecks of slow solid fermentation process of cake polypeptide, relatively extensive process and difficult control, etc. The developed feed additive of cake polypeptide has shown good effects of promoting growth and improving disease resistance in broilers and dairy cows.

The project acceptance Committee is composed of well-known experts and financial experts in the field of grain, oil, food and feed science and technology in China, such as Professor Ju Xingrong from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Professor Wang Hongrong from School of Animal Science and Technology of Yangzhou University, Professor Li Chunbao from Nanjing Agricultural University, and Associate researcher Shi Shourong from Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Poultry Science. The acceptance committee listened to the project implementation report, reviewed the relevant materials, believed that the project has completed the tasks and indicators specified in the contract, and unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance.

The successful completion of the project not only improves the production level of polypeptide feed in China, but also promotes the green and energy-saving biological manufacturing of solid fermentation, and enhances China's international competitiveness in high-end solid fermentation equipment.

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