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Ma Haile was elected vice president of Provincial Association of Agricultural Machinery

Agriculture machinery institute of Jiangsu province the ninth member conference held in nanjing on August 21, 2020, congress examined the 8th council work report, review the revision of articles of association, recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals, elected the first session of supervisors and the ninth session of board of directors of the board of supervisors, directors, executive director of the vice President, secretary general. Ma Haile, president of our institute, was elected vice president of the 9th Council of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Society. Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Society has 12 branches in total, among which agricultural Products Processing Machinery Professional Committee is attached to our institute, with President Ma Haile as the chairman.

In addition, the establishment meeting of Jiangsu Provincial Expert guidance Group on Characteristic agricultural mechanization was held in Nanjing on June 18, 2020, and President Ma Haille was employed as a member of Jiangsu Provincial Expert guidance Group on primary processing mechanization of agricultural products.

Participating in the work of Provincial Agricultural Machinery Association and expert guidance group provides a good platform for our institute to learn from and communicate with peers. We must make good use of this platform to improve our own ability and serve the construction of modern agriculture in our province.

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