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Our institute jointly undertook the Jiangsu provincial international cooperating project has passed the acceptance

On May 28th, 2020, the key country and institution industrial technical cooperation project of Jiangsu Province "Catalytic INFRARED Emitter and its Application in Agricultural drying" (BZ2017034), jointly undertaken by our institute, Zhenjiang Meibo Infrared Technology Co., Ltd. and University of California, Davis, passed the acceptance smoothly.The project solves the catalytic gas infrared localization technology bottleneck, mastered the design and manufacture of gas catalytic infrared transmitter technology, has developed many stages, drum type infrared drying equipment, heating uniformity, prevent the respect such as collision, dust-proof performance is better than that of European and American products, developed the shallot catalytic infrared sterilization and drying technology. Based on the results of this project, the industry standard "Food Mechanically Catalyzed Infrared Heating Equipment" was drafted, which will play an important leading role in promoting the popularization and application of catalytic infrared heating technology in China and improving the utilization ratio of clean energy -- natural gas in China.

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