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        Institute of Food Physical Processing (FPP) is a full-time university-level research institution approved by Jiangsu University in December 2018. The leading research includes (1) theoretical research and technology development for the application of modern physical technologies (Acoustics, Optics, Magnetics, etc.) in food biological manufacturing and agro-product processing; (2) research of food functional characteristics and development of functional foods; (3) design and development of equipment and intelligent control system for agro-product processing and food manufacturing.

        With the solid foundation of research, Jiangsu University was approved by Jiangsu Education Department to construct Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Physical Processing of Food, which is the only provincial key laboratory specializing in the basic theory and technologies of food physical processing in China in 2010. Since 2014, an annual conference “Jinshan Food Physical Processing Forum” (divided into four series: high-end forum, international forum, youth forum, and enterprise forum) was hosted by our institution. This conference has been highly concerned by domestic and foreign researchers and industry peers and has played an important role in the field of food physical processing. In 2015, the team of Food Physical Processing Technology and Equipment was awarded as the excellent scientific and innovative team among the universities in Jiangsu Province.

         FPP Institute has a high-end research platform for the operation of the research. Prior to the establishment, Dean Haile Ma led the foundation of six provincial and ministerial-level research and development platforms, namely, Technology Integration base for Vegetable Dehydration Processing Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China, National R&D Center for Agro-processing Equipment, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Food Physical Processing, Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Food Intelligent Manufacturing, Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Food Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Biological Processing and Separation of Agro-products, laying a solid ground for the research and development of the research work of our institute.

        In order to strengthen cooperation and innovation, the World Food Physical Processing Technology Innovative Center will be founded in 2020, with attracted experts from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and other countries to join in. Centering on the innovation of food physical processing technology, it will gather global wisdom, carry on multi-disciplinary, cross-border and daily academic exchanges and cooperation, so as to improve the role of modern physical technologies in promoting the development of food industry.

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